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Scam alert: Do not reply to WhatsApp messages for part-time roles claiming to be from us

Scam Alert due to Whatsapp scam

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We have been made aware of a group of scammers illegally using our company name Admiral Digital, or similar and sometimes misspelled variants to try to recruit people for fake part-time roles.

These communications are taking place on messaging platforms like WhatsApp and social platforms like Instagram. These criminal activities are neither endorsed nor sanctioned by

If you have received one of these messages, PLEASE READ the following:

  • If you or someone you know has received one of these messages, please do not reply or engage with the sender of the communications.
  • We will never offer job opportunities via Whatsapp. We employ a professional recruitment process that is led by our in-house talent manager.
  • We consider these activities fraudulent and we have reported it to the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM).
  • Should you receive these kinds of communications, we also recommend you report it to PDRM as well.
  • If you have been scammed, please call the National Scam Response Centre by calling 997 immediately (if you are residing in Malaysia).
  • More information by the Malaysian Government on what actions to take is available here.

Examples of Whatsapp messages received:

We thank you for your cooperation and diligence in this matter.

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