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How Admiral Digital helps companies grow

Digital Consulting.

Digital Auditing

Companies often come to us to audit their current state or to have a second opinion on offered digital solutions. We’re a trusted partner when it comes to giving solid digital advise.

Insight & Trends Analysis

Need a second opinion on what insights and trends can shape or disrupt your company in the (near) future? Admiral Digital has experience identifying internal and external digital trends and knows how to weave them in your action plan.

Digital Vision

Does your company have a solid digital vision that unites departments, gives focus and ignites the organisation? A digital vision is the first step to long term success in a digital world. We help you define it.

Digital Strategy

Can’t see the digital forest through the trees anymore? That’s ok. Almost daily marketing technology evolves. We help you build a strategy (and business case) that interlinks these technologies to ensure maximum efficiency an effectiveness.

Digital Roadmapping

We help digitised and non-digitised companies craft roadmaps to implement digital technologies throughout the organisation. With our short-mid-long term model we set a clear path with KPIs that can be implemented.

Digital Transformation.

Data Mining & Analytics

We help companies to gather the right datapoints. We implement digital and mobile tracking systems to enable our clients to make data-driven business decisions.

Systems Integration

Over time systems in organisations become a so called ‘spaghetti’. This drastically reduces efficiency and effectiveness. We work together with our clients to integrate these marketing systems to harness its full potential.

Build In-house Capabilities

We’ve had extensive experience with on-site training and internal capability building to succeed in a digitised future. We help you recruit the right people and/or extend employees’ current capabilities.

Scale In-house Capabilities

You already have digital capabilities in house but you’re not seeing the results you’d hoped for? Is the digital growth stagnating? We help our clients finding opportunities within existing structures and current employees.

On-site Training & Support

It’s our mojo that we work with clients and not for them. We can be temporarily integrated on-site in your team to identify and/or bridge capability gaps.

Customer Experience Officers

Admiral Digital uses technology to help you engage each of your audiences with data-driven personalised messages and experiences across channels. We ignite your company to think Customer First. We transform all your people in Customer Experience Officers.

Digital Operations.

Dashboarding & Reporting

Making business decisions based on data can be like finding needles in a haystack. Admiral Digital has profound experience with visualising your data relevantly and formulating actionable insights.

Search Engine Optimisation

What’s the first thing you do when you have a question? Right, you ask Google! With customer intent comes opportunity. We make sure that you’re on top organically when prospects & customers need you the most.

Search Engine Marketing

Whether you want to protect your brand or establish trust with prospects and clients, search engine marketing allows you to be on top at the right time while providing profound and useful insights about customer behaviour.

Social Media Marketing

Get to know your audience personally and start a conversation. Our social media team has experience with creating top performing social media campaigns across industries.

Programmatic Advertising

Being an official partner of different programmatic advertising platforms, allows us to maximize media coverage for our clients while offering competitive prices across industries.

E-mail Marketing & CRM

Delight & retain leads & existing customers. Keep track of your database and send relevant content towards the right audiences on the right time with our CRM & e-mail marketing automation solutions.

Web & App Development

Whether it’s a front- or backend, native or web app, Admiral Digital ensures the website or app does what it’s supposed to do. We make sure you get the right Return On App through extensive UX & UI optimisation.

Mobile App Package

Admiral Digital offers end-to-end packages specifically for app acquisition and engagement. We implement full app tracking enabling us to optimise cross channel performance catering for up and down the funnel KPIs.

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