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10 Tips on How You Can Write Brilliantly

The Best Way To Write Brilliantly

Is it true that everyone can write?

Although the simplest, most direct answer is yes, it does take consistent practise to write engaging content. There are also some basic guidelines writers can follow to gather their ideas properly and use them to enhance the copy. To write brilliantly, here’s an easy-to-follow guide that will assist aspiring writers in their writing process.

1. Always have purpose

  • Be clear about what the goal is.
  • List down each significant point.
  • Step back and ensure the content flow makes sense.

2. Choose simple words

  • Big words do not equal smarter.
  • Remember the idea is to get the message across easily!
  • Consider using words like ‘use’ instead of ‘utilise’, or ‘help’ instead of ‘facilitate’.

3. Write concisely

  • Try to avoid long and hard-to-read sentences.
  • Complexity invites confusion.
  • Instead, form short and direct sentences for easier readability and easy content consumption!

4. Always write in an active tone

  • Active voice encourages people to read more
  • Passive voice writing sounds demanding, fault-finding, and may even be boring.
  • Example:
Active: “Harry ate 6 large shrimps!”
Passive: “The 6 large shrimps were eaten by Harry.”

5. Avoid Redundancy

  • If trying to explain the same subject try not to repeat the same phrasing as when it was previously used.

    For example:

    Don’t: Try to post your social media postings at the same time and days

    Do: Try to schedule your social media postings at the same time and days.
  • Try to avoid repetitive phrasing and examples.

6. Eliminate fluff words

  • Again, fluff words do not equal quality content.
  • Words such as ‘very’, ‘rather’, ‘actually’ often does nothing to sentences – they don’t add any extra value.
  • Instead, they just make sentences longer than they’re supposed to.

7. The Rule of 3

  • The rule of three is a writing principle based on the idea that humans process information through pattern recognition.
  • If summarising a topic, do it in 3 bullet points regarding 3 different subtopics.

8. Don’t overwrite

  • Always put readers first.
  • Even if the writer has lots to express, brevity is key. 
  • Be equally sure to focus on the message.

9. Use questions

  • Especially for opening statements.
  • It creates curiosity, it’s thought-provoking, it makes people want to know more.
  • However, don’t overuse this as we’re supposed to be giving answers rather than asking questions.

10. Proofread and Edit

  • Never end a writing session without proofreading.
  • Always get a pair of fresh eyes to read the work.
  • Edit, but don’t over-do it!

Also, if you’ve used our guide, feel free to drop us a note at hello@admiral.digital and share with us if these tips have been useful! Good luck.

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