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3 Tips to Personalise Your Email Marketing for 2022

Easy tips for personalising your email marketing

A sure-fire way for marketing emails to stand out is through personalisation. Whether to drive awareness, increase conversions or retain engagement, personalisation allows you to speak directly to the consumer’s needs with microscopic focus. The beauty of it is: it’s not rocket science. Here are three quick and easy tips to get started.

Start with the subject line.

A first impression is everything. The determining factor to whether or not someone opens an email is the subject line. It’s the first thing that a customer sets eyes on. This is why using a simple line of code to add the customer’s first or last name to the subject line will work wonders. For example, if you’re sending a monthly newsletter to John, write something like: “John, here’s what you missed this month!”

Let’s face it, we would all much rather receive a personal email than a marketing email.

Create segments.

The data speaks for itself. On average, emails with personalised segmentation have 29% higher opening rates and 41% higher clickthrough rates. Simply put, creating segments is one of the most effective ways to instantly enhance your email marketing strategy. 

So how does it work? There are two types of segmentation: automatic and manual. As the name suggests, automatic segmentation differentiates customers through a pipeline flow that is already set in place. Manual segmentation requires you to draw upon data to create groups for a specific purpose.

For example, if a group of customers have purchased multiple products of the same category in the past, you can create an email offering similar products. That way, they will be far more inclined to open your email and follow through with a purchase.

The more specific, the better. You can also segment customers according to demographic data, geographic location and even how often they have opened your emails in the past. Not sure if you have enough data? Simply gather more information through sign-up forms, quizzes and surveys.

The same method applies to B2B marketing! Segment your customer base according to size, revenue, industry and location to create intelligent workflows that can be fed into your marketing automation tools.

Use tailor-made content.

Make them feel special. We’ve become so accustomed to tailored discount codes and vouchers that most customers expect it. Salesforce’s research found that over half of all consumers (a whopping 57%) are willing to exchange personal information for a personalised discount code.

With the data gathered for your email marketing segmentation (see above), create custom discounts based on their purchase history. Better yet, give long inactive customers a reason to re-engage with your brand by offering up a thoughtful “we miss you” coupon.

Alternatively, opt for a more informative approach and create an email newsletter with a list of personalised reading suggestions based on their interests. For the sake of driving conversions, show them similar products to those they’ve bought in the past.

A typical example is when you sign up for a publication like Medium or a streaming service like Netflix, users are asked to choose from a range of topics or genres that interest them. This provides a broader understanding of how to tailor segmented emails in the future.

This is only the beginning.

Every brand strategy is an ongoing experiment. The more data you gather, the more you understand the customer. Start with these fundamental tips and you will be well on your way to maximising your email marketing campaigns.


Want to learn more about how to make the most of your email marketing automations? Speak to one of our experts today. You can contact us at hello@admiral.digital. 

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