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5 Essential Tips For Writing Conversion Copy

Copywriters list the five reasons your e-commerce website isn't converting

What sets apart conversion copy from any other copy? Conversion copy has just one aim (hint: it’s in the name!). Every word, phrase and sentence is leading the customer towards making a conversion. That’s not to say it has to be overly salesy or pushy to achieve results. There are many ways to get your point across without it being forced.

Whether it’s an ad campaign, organic post or even a blog, there are a few things to consider to bring your copy to life. To get you started, here are 5 essential tips for writing effective conversion copy.

#Tip 1: Know your customer

The first phase to writing any form of content is research. The aim is to understand the product and, above all, the customer in order to market it effectively. Conversion copy aims to connect the customer with the product. The trick is to find the link between the two.

A good way to start is by asking questions. What are the customer’s pain points? What are they lacking? How does your product provide a solution? Answering these questions forms the building blocks of conversion copy.

To take your research even further, create personas. Categorise your customers by age, interests, pain points and other relevant information. Gradually, a clearer picture of your audience forms and, as a result, you’ll be able to craft copy that specifically address their needs.

#Tip 2: Keep it simple

“The secret of all effective advertising is not the creation of new and tricky words and pictures, but one of putting familiar words and pictures into new relationships.” – Leo Burnett

Let that quote sink in. Effective marketing should be familiar and easy to understand. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. We live in a world of bite-sized content and an overload of information. So think about it, who has the time to read a long-winded caption? 

After writing your copy, scan each word and ask yourself whether it truly belongs there. Here’s an example to illustrate the difference between copy that bores and copy that awes.


👎 “Our wonderful hotel has a swimming pool, a well-equipped gym and delicious food that can be delivered straight to your room!”

👍 “With a pool, gym and 24/7 room service, you’ll never want to leave!” 

These two captions both communicate the same thing. While the first caption lost us at “wonderful”, a pointless adjective, the second caption left us wanting more.

Alternatively, if there’s a lot of information that needs to be communicated at once, find a workaround. Whether it’s using bullet points, acronyms or emojis, find a way to distil your copy to its essence. Simple is best!

#Tip 3: Take design into account

A good copywriter + a good designer = the dream team.

It goes without saying, copy should inform design and vice versa. In order to capture and retain your customer’s attention, copy should be readable, punchy and positioned just right. That’s where design comes in. Often, you may write some fantastic visual copy but once it’s placed within the context of the visuals, something feels off. It may take a few attempts to ensure the copy and design are in harmony.

As we’ve already established, less is more. So if a phrase or a sentence can be replaced with an image or an icon, communicate this with the designer. A picture is worth a thousand words.

#Tip 4: Have a purpose

This may sound obvious, but purpose is fundamental to conversion copy. Where are you leading the customer? Ensure that every caption, headline or description is pointing them towards the ‘Call to Action’ (CTA). As for the CTA itself, opt for simple one or two-word phrases that are instantly actionable. 

Whether it’s ‘Enquire Today’ or ‘Shop Now’, the CTA needs to communicate an action (‘Shop’) and a sense of urgency (‘Now’). As a copywriter, learn to view the rest of the copy as a lead up to the CTA. This is why it is vital that your CTA packs a punch.

#Tip 5: Read it aloud

This one simple act will change how you write copy. Great copy starts a conversation with the customer. Reading it aloud as if you were talking to a friend will work wonders. This practice helps to identify unnecessary words, awkward phrases or an unnatural tone of voice. 

Most importantly, reading your copy out loud will help you find the right rhythm. Like a catchy pop song that you can’t get out of your head, copy with good rhythm leaves a lasting impression on the customer. Improve your sense of rhythm and you’ll learn to write copy that truly rolls off the tongue.

There we have it! Begin with these simple steps to transform your copy and drive up conversions.

At admiral.digital, we’re all about creating content that converts. Contact us today to find out how we can level you up. 

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