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Benefits of Using Native Ads

Sponsored content, also called native advertising, aligns with the form and function of the platform upon which it appears.

Throughout the day billions of people around the world consume content through social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc), blogs, articles, news websites, etc. All of these platform feature ads, however many people have become accustomed to skipping ads and pop-ups or simply tuning out when they see them.

Through the use of AI and machine learning, native ads learn the behaviour of its audience and place the audiences in the relatable content which readers can personally identify with. This means there is a higher chance that people will actually view and interact with the ad since it’s relevant to the content they’re viewing on a website. In this article we will be discussing the benefits of native advertising in a paid advertising strategy.

What is Native Advertising?

Native ads are paid advertisements that blend into the platform on which it appears. The real reason that makes native advertising stand apart from the rest of the advertising platforms is that it provides relevant information to the user based on the content of the website which makes it more appealing and less intrusive. This provides marketers with a special opportunity to present their content in a form that leverages user interest to build trust. 

Benefits Of Native Advertising


Unlike other ad platforms, native ads do not aggressively appear or have many banners on unrelated websites. Native ads appear on websites which are relevant to the ad content. Ad placement is very important because it helps the reader relate to the content. Native ads will be less noticeable but more engaging. It also has a higher chance of being promoted to social media due to its relationship with the reader because it feeds on the tastes of the reader. 

70% of people want to learn about products through content rather than an ad.


Social Sharing

Another advantage of native advertising is that it can attract and gain more attention than the traditional marketing style. According to the Online Publishers Association latest study, 32% of the people from the study felt interested enough to share the native ad content on their social media. This also provides a higher chance of the content going viral on social media (cyberclick.es).

Higher Click-Through Rate

In fact, the click-through-rate (CTR) is 8.8 times higher with native display ads, according to an AppNexus whitepaper. This is due to the target placement and using AI and machine learning that show ads with relevant content.  

Native Advertising Builds Up Relevance

As mentioned above, native ads appear next to the relatable content. This creates trust and credibility with the ad and engages the audience. The relevance of the content is the key to having a successful native ads campaign and this is what native ads are useful for. It not only attracts loyal customers and buyers but also new potential customers. Merging native ads with target readers’ taste also increases the likelihood of sharing this content or ad over social media which helps make the campaign successful. 


Ad-block Friendly

There is nothing more annoying than pop-ups while browsing a certain piece of content or an article. Native advertising provides an ideal solution by showing the ads as a related content after the content. It also does not repel the reader from the content or the brand. The result is a more engaging ad.



Native advertising is very user friendly since the ad is not a pop-up in itself but also when the reader is directed to the ad and its content, there are no pop-ups there as well. It is a seamless experience and advertisers have a lot of flexibility when it comes to format. It could be video, static, or editorial content and can be viewed on any device and platform. 



Native ads are innovative due to its lack of a 90 character headline restriction. It allows a much longer, more engaging piece of content or an article to get the reader’s attention and allows them to understand the product and its services better. These types of customers already have a stronger intent to convert because they have already gained familiarity with the brand. 

Native advertising works best when it is shared on social media and allows people to read and share the content. This is a new phenomenon that companies have to think about in order to compete in this competitive market. Getting social media users to share the article will highly contribute to its traffic and engagement.

For more information on native ads or paid ads in general, drop us a note at hello@admiral.digital.

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