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Instantly add remote software developers to your team

Our simple, open approach to building teams at scale helps you hire the talent you need, when you need it. 

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Set up your remote development team today.
With Admiral Digital, you'll find talent, manage and build teams, and build end-to-end products or customer-centric solutions!
Set up your remote development team today.
Set up your remote development team today.

Build your remote development team today.

Whether it’s sourcing talent, managing and building teams, delivering end-to-end product development, or designing customer-centric solutions, we’ve got you!

How it works:


Briefing and requirements

You post your project requirements specifying the talent, skills and product management support you need.



We notify our developers who match your requirements.



Matched, interested developers are either connected with you directly (self service) or qualified by us (managed service).



You select your talent and either on-board them directly (self-service) or we help with on-boarding (managed service).


Delivery and support

Our developers deliver the work. We handle contracts, invoicing and support.


Benefits of global developers on-demand.

Benefits of global developers on-demand.


Let the on-demand model increase the efficiency of your overall organization through a lean approach.


Access talent on demand in no time. Realistic notice periods. Only pay for what you need.

Affordable Prices

Affordable and reasonable prices across different fields of expertise.

Add-on Support

Select the level of product management support that's ideal for your. Easily add on product managers, scrum masters, business analysts and UX&UI.

Global Access

Tap in to a global base across time zones covering more than 100 countries.

Fast Hiring Process

Hire talent on-demand fast. The average lead time for hiring talent across various fields of expertise is 2 working weeks.

Vetted Talent Only

A tried and tested talent vetting and selection process driven by detailed interview tests and scorecards

Industry Experts

Over 30 years of combined experience in building trusted technology teams globally.

A world of vetted talent that’s ready to go.

The best product managers are visionaries and understand the needs of their customers.

Product Management

Visionary product managers with a flair for understanding customers and their needs.

Profiles Available

We develop cross-coding languages with a passion for solving problems.


Cross-coding language developers with a passion for solving problems.

Profiles Available

Data analysts with a scientific approach to extracting value for your business.

Data Specialists

Process-driven data analysts with a scientific approach to extracting value for your business.

Profiles Available

UI and UX tips


Creatives with the best practices of modern digital design to engage and excite your customers.

Profiles Available

Access quality technology talent on demand globally & at scale

Talent manager searching for the best candidate for the right position.


Choose from three flexible service models –build a team from scratch or expand existing capabilities. 


Access the best talent, on demand scale up or down throughout the term.

Talent manager searching for the best candidate for the right position.


Bundle the talent and support you need into a single monthly fee pay only for what you need.


A single point of contact for contracting, invoicing and support.

Choose from any of our 3 recruitment models.

Admiral Digital's global network of vetted professionals can help you hire a remote team of technology experts.

Self Service

Access our global community of vetted technologists to source your remote technology team.

Choose the talent you need and manage them yourself.


We help you choose, onboard, and manage your technology team.

Managed Service

We help you select, on-board and manage your technology team.

Choose to outsource product management or for us to manage QA testing or dev ops.

Your technology project or product will be developed, built, and delivered by us in conjunction with your team.


We integrate with your team to design, build and deliver your vision for your technology project / product.

Trust our team with end-to-end delivery.

Multi-layered selection and interviewing process.

Technical skills

Quantitive test evaluating proficiency in the main software and technology framework(s) required for the profile.

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Informative test based on MBTI methodology with no good or bad outcomes.

Soft skills

Qualitative test to evaluate problem solving of common (non-technical) pitfalls and challenges faced in a remote technology team.

Communication is one of the keys to a successful team

Communications skills

Qualitative test evaluating proficiency in English, connectivity, timeliness and conversation skills.

Testing of problem-solving skills and the ability to work independently in a quantitative manner.

Abstract thinking

Qualitative test evaluating general problem solving skills and the ability to work independently.

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Access quality technology on-demand globally and at scale. Our flexible, scalable, simple and affordable model ensures you get access to a world of vetted technology talent that’s ready to go.

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