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What is Clubhouse and How Can It Grow Your Business?

Clubhouse and how can it grow your business

You’ve probably heard of the platform, Clubhouse, by now. This audio-based social media app has garnered quite a reputation—known for its exclusivity—where attendees are only able to join a discussion via invites. If that’s not exclusive enough, this app is only available on iOS devices. Despite all of that, there are already 10 million users as of March 2021. 

Who knows how many more will join by the end of this year? 

So what exactly is Clubhouse?

According to the company itself, the app is “a new type of social product that allows people from across the globe to talk, share stories, develop ideas, meet like-minded communities, and interesting people from around the world”. 

The app allows you to jump in and out of chat rooms centred around various subjects ranging from finance and art to social issues and language exchanges. It’s something akin to a live, free-flowing podcast—except anyone can take part in the discussion. Users have the choice of either listening in or sharing their two cents. It’s essentially a clubhouse—but virtual. 

So, how can this platform help grow your business?

Gain new insights and grow your network

Whether you’re hosting a discussion or joining one, the invite-only policy prevents spam accounts and assures users that they’ll be meeting like-minded people. 

Since it’s an insider discussion with others in the same field of interest, the conversations are deemed more valuable. With Clubhouse, not only do you connect with people with whom you can collaborate in the future, but you also get to exchange ideas, broaden your perspectives, and expand your network. 

Positioning yourself as an industry expert

Utilising this platform allows you to build your reputation, both as an individual and as a brand. Especially since the app gives you limitless opportunities to put yourself out there and share your experiences and insights to inspire others within your industry. This can help position your brand, and also who you are as category leaders. Additionally, since you’re able to receive live feedback, you may even learn a thing or two from your audience. 

Giving away free advice to gain new customers

Did we already mention that this app creates opportunities? On the Clubhouse app, you get to create your own chat rooms around your areas of expertise. By doing this frequently, you increase the chances of you building a community of followers. Besides, don’t forget that those who join your chat rooms—whether they’re business owners or not—are also consumers themselves, so there’s a chance this engagement will lead to direct conversions. 

Ultimately, Clubhouse followers could become your long-term customers since they believe in your brand. They might even be people you eventually hire or collaborate with, in the near future.

Finding investors

Not everyone has the opportunity to join the infamous business TV reality show, Shark Tank, but one can always seek out similar opportunities for themselves. Clubhouse is a way to potentially connect with high-profile investors. Start asking around if anyone could invite you to a discussion room where these investors could be joining. 

Most importantly, get yourself involved, learn how to listen, share your experience, and ask the right questions. Remember to take your time and not rush, as networking takes time and effort. Before long, you will come across investors that are willing to invest in your business. 

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