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Case study


Transforming customer acquisition and marketing efficiency for a financial comparison website.



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Product development

The client.

RinggitPlus is a financial comparison website based in Malaysia that allows users to compare and apply for credit cards, personal loans, home loans, and insurance products. 

The website aims to help users make informed financial decisions by providing them with information on various financial products and services offered by banks and other financial institutions in Malaysia. Users can compare the features, fees, and interest rates of different products and apply for them directly through the website.

The challenge.

After its last fundraising round, RinggitPlus aimed to improve customer acquisition efficiency and scale, as well as enhance marketing segmentation throughout the sales funnel. 

They also aimed to improve cross-selling and storytelling and foster better collaboration within the team. Additionally, RinggitPlus sought to gain deeper insights into their marketing return on investment by linking media investment to revenue.

The solution.

To support RinggitPlus’ growth efforts, the admiral.digital team stepped in as an augmented, outsourced team of experts, filling key positions across various aspects of the marketing team. This included a Head of Digital, a performance marketing specialist, a digital designer, a copywriter, and a marketing automation expert.

The team developed a 6-month roadmap for success, outlining specific cross-funnel key performance indicators and targets. Once established, the team diligently worked to achieve these goals.

As a result, the platform saw a significant increase in applications while the cost per application (CPA) decreased. Cross-selling and upselling efforts also led to improved retention rates and customer lifetime value (CLV) and reduced the overall CPA across all products. Marketing automation was implemented to personalize these efforts.

Performance channels were restructured, and further segmentation was added, taking into account customer profiles and demographics. All paid marketing efforts were supported by first-party data from a data management platform.

On the business intelligence front, the admiral.digital team collaborated closely with the RinggitPlus BI team to create multiple dashboards. The main objective of this was to link the cost of acquiring a customer to that customer’s average revenue, enabling specific return on investment targets to be set for individual brands and product categories.

The results.

The admiral.digital team continues to collaborate with the RinggitPlus team on various marketing and product-related initiatives. admiral.digital has been a trusted partner of RinggitPlus since 2016, and the ongoing partnership has helped RinggitPlus achieve several KPIs. 

    Why admiral.digital?

    7 tools

    up and running with user-centric design and solutions

    2 websites

    designed and built during a 9-month engagement period

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    ROI insights

    Improved understanding of the return on investment for marketing efforts by tracking metrics beyond cost per lead and cost per application to revenue generated by approved customers

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    Efficient customer acquisition

    High performance marketing efforts that resulted in a significant improvement through paid media channels and reactivation engine

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    Cross-industry expertise

    Deep and hands-on understanding of how financial companies operate and the target audience's needs

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    Seamless collaboration

    Our experts have a clear understanding of RinggitPlus’ business needs, resulting in improved bottom-line business performance

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