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What makes us the ideal agency for a senior performance marketer?

Interview with Khaled Emdad, Head of Performance at Admiral Digital

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Hello Khaled! You recently made the claim that admiral.digital is the ideal agency for senior performance marketers? What did you mean by that?

Yes I did make that claim and I stand by it! Before I get into what makes admiral.digital the ideal agency, let’s talk about career development for a performance marketer like me who’s been in the space for over six years.

Firstly, the marketing landscape has changed a lot since I first got started. A performance marketer only needed to specialise in either Google Ads or Facebook Ads. But things have changed drastically. Companies now spend around 60% of their entire marketing budget on digital channels, which means performance marketers need to have wider experience in all of the performance marketing channels.

Then there’s career progression. Similar to other roles, the initial few years of being a performance marketer is mainly on the execution side. Gradually, as you gain mastery of managing and optimising ad accounts and briefing clients, you start becoming more of a consultant. 

By consultant I mean that you’re actively advising clients on strategy and how to get the most bang out of every ad buck. If you have ambitions of reaching the most senior marketing or business roles like CMO or CEO, it’s crucial to have experience handling large ad accounts and major campaigns because as mentioned, that’s where a lot of money is being spent.

Why do you think admiral.digital is the right stepping-stone for performance marketers?

Most agencies don’t necessarily let you grow from the execution side to the advisory side. Or they pigeonhole you into one performance marketing channel which prevents you from growing into a broader, T-shaped marketer. Or they don’t give you the autonomy to handle clients on your own and thus you’re mastering your craft much slower.

This is where admiral.digital differentiates itself as the agency of choice for senior performance marketers. Here, if you have experience, we trust you. If you’re on my team, you get the autonomy to handle clients yourself and make your own judgement calls. On the other hand, if you need help, you have a lot of resources around you, including me, to make sure everything is on track. After all, your growth is our growth.

If I’m already working in this space, why would I leave my comfort zone?

P.T. Barnum once said, “Comfort, the enemy of progress.” There’s a lot of reasons to find greener pastures in your career, even if you’re comfortable now.

First things first, compared to industry standards, admiral.digital pays top dollar for the right talent. If you can show us you’ll bring value to our team, you’ll be handsomely rewarded. A significant bump in your salary is especially useful considering the cost of living keeps rising year after year.

Money aside, admiral.digital calls itself an anti-agency agency because we don’t overwork our colleagues to death. My team goes home at 6:30pm sharp most days of week and we have strict policies in place to ensure work isn’t requested during the weekends – even by clients. The management here truly believes in work-life balance and actually practices what they preach.

Lastly, since you have autonomy in managing accounts yourself, you also benefit from the satisfaction of making a positive impact on your clients’ business. We bring in revenue for global brands every single day and that effort does not go unnoticed here.

Great! So how does someone join your team?

Joining admiral.digital begins by filling out an application. Check out our Careers page or go directly to the Senior Performance Marketing Manager job listing. Fill out the application and you’re all set!

We have a swift and orderly interviewing and onboarding process so that you get to meet us and we get to know you better as well.

If you’re ambitious and experienced, I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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