functional regional performance marketing setup


increase in number of applications over 6 months


functional regional performance marketing setup


increase in number of applications over 6 months



MoneySmart is Southeast Asia’s leading financial comparison platform allowing customers to make smarter financial decisions across different aspect of their daily, financial lives. With presence across Singapore, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, MoneySmart helps +100 million people make better financial decisions.



Performance Marketing, Strategy & Planning

Re-think performance marketing strategies and setups across markets. Focus on efficient and consistent growth of applications while maintaining costs per application. Integrate bottom line revenues with paid marketing activities for a clear ROI overview.

Team Integration

Integrated consulting to drive bottom line impact.

Assigning two full-time, senior performance marketing consultants operating as an extension of the MoneySmart marketing team reporting to their Head of Digital Marketing directly. Integrated consulting to drive bottom line impact. Weekly strategic on-site sessions in combination with weekly conference calls and daily update emails

Our Approach

How We Did it


Audit and strategic research

Understand the financial portfolio MoneySmart offers across  verticals and map all services against individual audiences and personas. Create an overview of all existing accounts to collect meaningful insights around user behavior and performance, while identifying opportunities for scale. Use all the above research to create a performance marketing strategy driven by detailed search intentions, micro audiences fed to accounts from an internal DMP and highly granular campaign structures.



Take two weeks to complete a thorough keyword and audience research regionally and re-build all performance marketing assets using Admiral Digital’s campaign building tools. Invest time in writing highly relevant and appealing ad copy to boost native quality scores / relevancy scores before going live. Integrate a detailed audience structure and apply it to campaigns keeping the default user journeys per product vertical in mind.



Launch new campaign structures with minimum bids and budgets getting a sense of performance per channel and audiences. Understand where immediate potential lies versus inventory that will need optimization.



Scale vertical / product specific inventory towards maximum cost per lead while analyzing the quality of channel specific leads down the funnel. Focus on calculating suggested CPC in combination with on-site conversion rates.

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