relevant leads acquired over 18 months


increase in cost per appointment efficiency


relevant leads acquired over 18 months


increase in cost per appointment efficiency


Rascal Republic

Rascal Republic is a portfolio of experiential investment projects developing and investing in a unique selection of opportunities across Southeast Asia, the United Kingdom and Australia. Their projects cover hospitality, lifestyle, F&B and real estate with key brands to be Rascal Voyages, Samara Lombok and 1-altitude, Singapore.



Investment Firm
Creative & Content, Product Development, UI / UX, Performance Marketing, Strategy & Planning, Marketing Technology

Grow revenues by acquiring new investors for the Rascal Republic portfolio companies.Improve and automate sales processes to increase overall efficiency.

Team Integration

Operate as Rascal Republic’s digital marketing team.

Build an outsourced, in-house #RascalDigital team reporting to the Rascal Republic management directly. A fully integrated collective of skills including but not limited to product management, web development, performance marketing, CRM / Sales enablement, UI/UX consulting, conversion rate optimization, video production, content creation and email marketing.

Our Approach

How We Did it


Strategize a cross company digital process where acquisition of new investors is key.

List out macro / micro conversion funnels, understand target audiences and map them against acquisition and nurturing strategies.


Strategize and implement a granular ActiveCampaign setup based on pre-defined sales pipelines.

Set up Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) & Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) flows taking internal Rascal Republic sales resources into account. Create relevant content along the lead nurturing process in the form of automated email campaigns while integrating chat functions along the way.


All about UI/UX and Creatives

Build – and design appealing websites across portfolio companies providing all necessary investment related information including videos and brochures. Optimize towards the acquisition of Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) as a starting point of the sales process.


Set up highly targeted performance marketing structures, reaching the niche audience Rascal Republic aims to communicate with.

Focus on first party data sources in combination with highly targeted direct buys and keyword portfolios. Map content story lines against audiences and ensure a full integration across channels. Optimize towards cost-per-appointment rather than cost per lead.


Daily Optimization

Explore new targeting options and first party data sources daily, while focusing on optimizing content and video to convey they Rascal story. Optimize on-site experiences and a/b test for higher conversion rates.

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