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Building strategic roadmaps to growth and profitability

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“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy are the noise before defeat.” – Sun Tzu

Great digital campaign execution cannot go without a well-thought-through digital marketing strategy, and a well-thought-through digital marketing strategy is nothing without great campaign execution. This has been a guiding principle in admiral.digital over the last few years. We have built our service portfolio around this idea.


The admiral.digital team works with brands globally to roll out strong digital marketing strategies that deliver results. The team understands the importance of the different stages of a digital user journey and how a digital marketing strategy can help deliver a cohesive output.

We do this for companies large and small across different industries. We apply learnings from one niche to another and constantly improve our digital strategy framework.

Channels we master.

Why do brands choose admiral.digital to help them with a digital marketing strategy?


Business mindset

We are not just a digital marketing and product agency; we are business strategists that utilize digital processes, strategies, and services to enhance business outcomes. We understand how companies operate, how marketing teams feed into sales teams, and how a digital strategy goes beyond just a website and some digital ads. A good digital strategy is built to enhance the whole organization, not just some teams within it.


Focus on bottom-line impact

We focus on real business output, not just vanity metrics, as part of a digital marketing scope. Our objective is revenue and growth. Taking that as a starting point, we craft digital strategies for brands globally.


We have experience across multiple industries

We have worked with brands across industries and continents. Although our digital strategy framework is built on a few consistent pillars (e.g., user journeys, digital funnels, etc.), we still very well understand industry-specific nuance that needs to be considered.


We have a proven track record

We have shown real impact by applying our digital strategies over the years.


We have the capacity to execute

We do not only have strategies but also the ability to execute and implement them. The fact that strategy teams and execution teams work together very closely allows us to create close feedback loops between theory and execution.


Work with our
digital marketing strategists.





Performance Marketing KPI


Performance Marketing KPI










What our clients have to say.

We’re not just media buyers - we are performance marketers

Media Buying

Performance Marketing

No assumptions – data is always right

  • Pre-defined audiences
  • Pre-defined communication and messaging
  • No feedback loop between creative and performance
  • Does not assume performance in advance
  • Decisions based on performance data independently of personal preferences and past experiences

Real-time and integrated account management

  • Weekly reporting
  • Slow account management structures
  • Slower response time
  • Experts handling the accounts operate as direct partner consultant. Daily performance reporting.
  • Daily / hourly optimization 100% dedicated to one account

User journey integration and micro audiences

  • Focus on awareness efforts and metrics
  • No ambition to integrate with bottom line tracking
  • Covers all aspects of the customer journey
  • Key objective is bottom line impact through revenue

Channel agnostic and integration with CRM

  • Channel preferences based on side agreement KPI
  • No tracked connection between paid media and CRM automation
  • Channel agnostic – no side KPI in place
  • End to end user journey integration from awareness all the way through to returning customers

Bottom line impact and cohort-based analysis

  • Optimize for top of the funnel vanity metrics
  • Lack of insights around revenue impacts
  • Focus on metrics that matter – CPL / CPO / CIR
  • Focus on revenue and ROAS

Team integration and full transparency

  • Media agency <> client relationship 
  • Team integration and full transparency

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MoneySmart, Southeast Asia’s leading financial comparison platform partnered with us to re-think their performance marketing strategy and setup with a focus on efficient and cost-effective growth of applications.


Rascal Republic Logo represents their brand identities.
Rascal Republic, a portfolio of experiential investment projects partnered with us to grow investment revenue by acquiring new leads through UI/UX, product development, content development and performance marketing.

Experiential Investment

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