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At admiral.digital, we are dedicated to helping brands grow, especially when it comes to expanding their digital advertising reach and influence. In today’s online landscape, a major contributing factor to a brand’s success is their effective use of PPC advertising networks. This is where we work alongside brands as trusted partners in PPC advertising. 

You can leverage our expertise in PPC advertising to enhance your lead generation, boost your brand visibility, and support you in achieving your marketing objectives. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive suite of services to ensure your brand’s visibility, reach, and engagement are maximised.

Why choose admiral.digital for your PPC advertising needs?

Over the years, our PPC marketing agency has honed its expertise in the realm of pay-per-click. We understand the intricacies of PPC advertising and what it takes to ensure success in the online arena. If you’re uncertain about whether the pay-per-click model aligns with your company’s needs, our PPC management experts are here to provide the guidance you need.


Detailed PPC audit & reporting

We ensure that every aspect of your PPC campaigns aligns with your objectives and complies with industry standards. Through in-depth PPC audits, we pinpoint potential campaign issues, refine your strategy, and bolster the campaign’s effectiveness. 

Our team of paid search specialists meticulously evaluates key performance indicators (KPIs), account structure, remarketing techniques, and analytics. You will receive custom campaign reports that encompass Google Analytics results, keyword rankings, and overall campaign performance.


Certified Google Partner

admiral.digital proudly holds a position on the esteemed Google Partners list. When you collaborate with our team of experienced performance marketers, you can expect results-oriented Google PPC campaigns that drive the growth of your business.


Customer-centric PPC management

We schedule weekly meetings with your project managers and maintain an open line of communication to discuss your PPC campaign strategy at your convenience.


Multi-location PPC advertising

If your business serves multiple locations and a diverse customer base, our PPC specialists design a multi-location PPC framework to optimise your ad spend and deliver PPC ads tailored to your target demographics. We structure your PPC campaign by ad group and location, with our own team of designers and copywriters ready to craft personalised ad copies.


Dedicated PPC specialists

At admiral.digital, we strive to make search engine marketing a simple and painless process for you. Upon partnering with our PPC marketing agency, we assign you a single point of contact to oversee your PPC campaigns from start to finish. Essentially, admiral.digital becomes an extension of your digital marketing department, working towards your brand’s success.

What PPC advertising services
do we offer?

Keyword Research & Analysis: Our PPC specialists continuously refine your keyword list to capture your audience’s interest by identifying target keywords based on industry relevance, search volume, and competition.

Landing Page Optimisation: Aiming to elevate your lead quantity and quality, we seamlessly integrate SEO to encourage user action by crafting compelling headlines, using high-performance keywords, and placing clear CTAs on landing pages. 

PPC Management: We handle everything from research to A/B testing for budget-friendly, conversion-oriented campaigns.

A/B Split Testing for Ads: Our team evaluates ad effectiveness through A/B testing and optimises future campaigns based on the results.

Bing, TikTok, and LinkedIn Ads: Invest in our PPC advertising services to enhance your brand recognition and expand your reach through social media platforms.

Remarketing Campaigns: We strive to achieve cost-effective results with our targeted remarketing campaigns that are designed to reduce expenses while reconnecting with your high-value customers.

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