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Performance marketing driving bottom-line results.

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Google Premier Partner 2023
Google Premier Partner 2023

We are among the top 3% of companies recognised as a Google Premier Partner in Malaysia.

We are a results-driven

performance marketing agency

Whether you’re looking to build awareness for your brand, increase engagement with your target audience, acquire new leads, drive sales, or increase the lifetime value of your customers, the team of performance marketing specialists at admiral.digital is here to help.

We focus on understanding audiences and devising strategies that facilitate frictionless experiences through all stages of the customer journey. We are guided by data and results, executing campaigns and optimising in real-time to fine-tune performance marketing channels, adjust audience targeting, and scale budgets responsibly to achieve maximum results.

Channels we master.

How do we drive results as a performance marketing company?


Assumption-free performance marketing management guided by data and results

We do not predict what will work. We do not guess or estimate which performance marketing channel or user audience will drive results. Our approach is free from assumptions and guided by data and results.

We are channel-agnostic. Every media channel has a role to play across the customer journey. There is no one size fits all.

We operate independently. We receive free incentives from larger publishers. We spend media dollars where it really makes a difference.


Real-time optimisation and performance-based budget reallocation

We constantly test, learn, and refine. We do not commit to fixed audiences when running performance marketing campaigns.

We optimise budgets based on results. We scale up what performs and scale down what does not. We will not commit to fixed budgets per audience or channel without

first understanding performance.


First-party data and owned audiences are your strategic assets.

We ensure our clients control the relationship with their audience by owning media accounts and the respective tracking pixels.

Together, we build audiences over time, focusing on converting intangible, unknown cookie-based audiences into tangible, known first-party customer data. Our proprietary Customer Data Platform (CDP) enables a single customer view of your most valuable asset.

We activate strategic marketing across platforms and channels. We invest in acquiring a touchpoint with a future customer only once.

Work with our performance marketing team





Performance Marketing KPI


Performance Marketing KPI










What our clients have to say.

David Harling

Managing Director

Admiral has been a solid partner and extension of my team since 2019, supporting a range of digital marketing strategies during a critical stage when MoneySmart was building out advanced marketing automation (CRM) capabilities and growing the marketing team. Admiral played and continues to play a significant consultant role for marketing growth investments and a very capable managed campaign support and services for paid media activation, using our CDP and first-party customer data strategy. We love a good agency / client board meeting once the job gets done!
Tom Wheeler
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Tom Wheeler

Founding Partner

We started working with Admiral Digital in March 2018 on a variety of digital marketing campaigns across luxury and lifestyle product portfolios including yachts, villas, land, and investment memberships. We found Admiral to be a highly competent team with high levels of both energy and dedication.We have since expanded our scope with Pieter, Alec, and the team and continue to enjoy their professionalism, performance, and most importantly their results. We now count on them as a trusted and reliable partner rather than simply an outsourced service provider.

We’re not just media buyers - we are performance marketers

Media Buying

Performance Marketing

No assumptions – data is always right

  • Pre-defined audiences
  • Pre-defined communication and messaging
  • No feedback loop between creative and performance
  • Does not assume performance in advance
  • Decisions based on performance data independently of personal preferences and past experiences

Real-time and integrated account management

  • Weekly reporting
  • Slow account management structures
  • Slower response time
  • Experts handling the accounts operate as direct partner consultant. Daily performance reporting.
  • Daily / hourly optimization 100% dedicated to one account

User journey integration and micro audiences

  • Focus on awareness efforts and metrics
  • No ambition to integrate with bottom line tracking
  • Covers all aspects of the customer journey
  • Key objective is bottom line impact through revenue

Channel agnostic and integration with CRM

  • Channel preferences based on side agreement KPI
  • No tracked connection between paid media and CRM automation
  • Channel agnostic – no side KPI in place
  • End to end user journey integration from awareness all the way through to returning customers

Bottom line impact and cohort-based analysis

  • Optimize for top of the funnel vanity metrics
  • Lack of insights around revenue impacts
  • Focus on metrics that matter – CPL / CPO / CIR
  • Focus on revenue and ROAS

Team integration and full transparency

  • Media agency <> client relationship 
  • Team integration and full transparency

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Our Case Studies.
MoneySmart, Southeast Asia’s leading financial comparison platform partnered with us to re-think their performance marketing strategy and setup with a focus on efficient and cost-effective growth of applications.


Rascal Republic Logo represents their brand identities.
Rascal Republic, a portfolio of experiential investment projects partnered with us to grow investment revenue by acquiring new leads through UI/UX, product development, content development and performance marketing.

Experiential Investment

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